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I had such an amazing time at NYFW that I wanted to make sure I could share it up close and personal with all of you lovely readers and those who couldn’t join us there this year.  So duh dun na na here I present my official New York Fashion Week F/W 16 Video Diary!  Is that a long enough title for you? Anywho, come on a visual journey with me in what may be my favorite video of mine yet.  See NYFW through my eyes and most importantly ENJOY!  You

Okay my lovely readers here it is.. finally!  My Valentine’s Day lookbook is up now!  I had so much fun filming this one and not just because it involved some heart shaped boxes of chocolate and some beautiful roses.  I hope that you enjoy my Valentine’s day lookbook and please make sure to give it a thumbs up and subscribe on my Youtube channel here! Happy Valentine’s Day! xx Daphne Shop More Valentine’s

Well my lovely and loyal readers we’ve made it more than half way through the work week and nearly to the weekend.  Whether or not you find it exciting that Valentine’s Day is only slightly more than a week or more I am here to pep you up and get you in to the Valentine’s Day mood, or in this case my topic of the day is Galentine’s Day.  Galentine’s day because some of the biggest loves of your life are your gals, your friends, your possy and clique are

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas, Holiday Style Ideas: To Style, With Love

Happy Monday everyone, I never thought I would say “happy Monday” but today is a Monday where we don’t really have to do anything since it is still technically winter/Christmas break and all responsibilities and chores can be held off until the new year.  I wanted to do a quick post today just to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!  I hope that everyone had a very beautiful and blessed Christmas with friends, family, love and maybe a few presents too.  I can’t wait to share

Something about this look makes me want to, in a very cliche manner, call it a rocker chic.   I don’t know if it’s the combination of the leather jacket and the fringe or if my mood was just feeling a bit rebellious while shooting but I felt the only name that truly suited this look was Rockin around the Christmas tree.  If you haven’t already seen my Holiday Lookbook that I posted yesterday you might want to take a look because I would be overjoyed to inspire you this

It’s only 4 more days until Christmas so it’s time for us to get all of our Holiday style/dressing together for all of the events coming up this week.  I wanted to put together a little 3 minute video lookbook for you all to help out with some Holiday inspiration!  It’s as simple as that, 3 looks, 3 minutes and a variety of different styles to play with.  Leave a comment below and let me know which look you guys like best!  Watch the rest of my lookbooks and youtube

I am so super duper excited to share this with you all!  It is my first DIY video where I am helping you all make your very own denim patch jacket.  A custom denim jacket covered in patches and pins of the things you love.  That is what makes this type of denim jacket so special, it’s completely custom and made for you, personalized with things you like and made the way you want!  I have been seeing denim patch jackets all over the place and I have been dying

Fall Neutrals Lookbook

Only 15 more days until it is officially fall my internet best friends.  As you may or may not have noticed lately, I have been having so much fun making lots of new youtube videos for you all to enjoy!  So for my newest video I am focusing on the fall trend of neutrals.  I’m talking Khakis, Camels, Tans and and Beige.  You’ve seen it all all of the runways these past seasons (next to the 70s trend of course hehe) Kanye West even designed a line of neutrals sportswear

70s Lookbook

I’m in a real 70s daze these days and I just can’t get enough of these groovy looks!  The 70s trend is popping up all over the place and has been for quite a while and once again this fall season it will be the trend to try.  As a browse through different shops online I notice more and more corduroy, western belts, flare jeans and skinny scarfs showing up in all of my favorite stores.  The 70s trend is reviving the groovy and psychedelic attitude some of our parents


Summer Style Looks: To Style, With Love

Oh happy day my dear readers and fellow fashion lovers, well any day that I get something new to add to my wardrobe is quite the happy day indeed!  This month, well technically it was last month, I was included and able to participate in the ifchic 24 event.  In case you don’t know what that is, every month fashion savvy website ifchic hosts an event on the 24th for 24 hours where you can spend all of your ifchic coins as though they are cold, hard cash woohoo!  So

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