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No this is not about “aging like a fine wine,” sorry to burst your bubble if that is what you were hoping for.  However, what I have in store for you today is much better!  We aren’t going to talk about aging, we are going to talk about the fine color of wine.  Not the kind in a stemmed glass but the beautiful burgundy color that is inspired by the drink.  Some like to think that wine is only to be worn in the colder seasons but they would be false

And Everybody knows… that I have become habitually obsessed with all things French.  So not only France’s cities but, its beautiful and glorious countryside.  My week spent out running through fields of sunflowers and picnicking near rustic windmills was one that I will never…EVER forget.  It was a fairytale, as simple as that, it was magic. I like many others am a lover of music and have pretty eclectic taste when it comes to it.  You could say I usually go for some cliche indie music and I am not afraid

As I just got home from Denmark and I am setting sail again across the pond in two weeks I needed a real dose of home this week.  I needed to feel my California roots and breathe in the city that I call home.  Obviously, these desires led me to the beach as it doesn’t get much for “California Dreamin” than that.  I always head to the beach whether it’s for a drive, stroll or laying out in the sun the beach is always my go to when I need

As many of us out there are, I am wildly obsessed with beauty products and always starving to find out what’s new, fresh and going to help make me look better than ever!  There is always a hunt for that new special something to add to my makeup drawer weather its a new highlighter, perfect no smudge new lip stain or the sharpest black eyeliner ever, I am always one to try out a new product or two.  Our friends over at Sephora, aka the candy shop of all things

Good morning my absolute favorite people on the entirety of the internet!  I am happy today as I am so excited to share my new video with you all, my Disneyland Vlog!  This is my very first vlog as I am more experienced in the video diary nature but I had such a blast making this video for you all and an all around amazing time at Disneyland!  No, this is not my first trip to Disneyland in fact I have been to both Disneyland and Disneyworld many many times.

Hello you lovely readers you!  I am quite excited to share this post/video with you all today.  This is my very first actual makeup tutorial!  I teamed up with Maybelline New York for their #MNYConcealer campaign to show you all how I hack my concealer in a few different ways.  With the wave of the Kardashians and crazy makeup artists building insane careers on Instagram, highlighting and contouring have become an insane craze and I am totally one on the bandwagon.  I love beauty, makeup and everything of the like

Here it is my lovely and oh so lovely internet best friends and readers!  My Coachella 2016 video diary is now up and I hope you enjoy it.  Come along with me and my friends on a magical journey into a magical wonderland also known as the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival.  I make these videos to share my first hand experiences with you all and hopefully make you feel like you were right there at the festival with me dancing to Matt and Kim and skipping through the

Hey you lovely reader you!  I am literally on my way to Palm Springs for Coachella right now as you are reading this and I wanted to make sure and share this video with you all before it was too late!  Seeing as this is my 3rd time attending the festival I thought that I could give some helpful hints to those of you who are a bit newer on the scene.  So I put together this little video showing you all everything I carry in my bag to a

It’s only about three more weeks until the festival season really starts to kick off!  So as previously hinted at here is my official Festival Lookbook featuring 5 Coachella ready looks to inspire you and get you ready for those desert days!  I teamed up with and, to name a few of the festival ready brands in the video, to put together 5 looks that I think suit the season perfectly.  Whether you are venturing out to a music festival this season or not embrace your inner hippie

Well everyone it’s a little less than a month until festival season really kicks off and we all head to the desert for some groovy tunes and of course to go all out on our festival fashions that we don’t get to wear the rest of the year.  This year I am bringing to you a project I am having so much fun working on and…. drum role please… it’s my Festival Lookbook!  5 whole outfits dedicated to festival style to give you lovely readers some inspiration and get you

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