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The French Market

The French Market // Re Done High Rise Jeans // Are You Am I Bodysuit // Acne Studios Shearling Coat // M Gemi Red Fur Ball Booties // Zara Choker // Chanel Classic Black Flap Bag // The Charente Region Of France // France Travel Diary // Los Angeles Fashion Blogger Daphne Blunt: To Style, With Love

Hello everyone!  I hope that you have all had an amazing Christmas or are currently still celebrating a beautiful Hanukkah this year.  It’s two days after Christmas and only a few days until the new year!  These few days are tricky because you can’t quite decide if you should be getting back to work or if you can keep stuffing yourself with Christmas goodies before the new Year rings in and the classic “be healthier and get fit” resolution kicks in (ya know for January only, duh).  Anyhow, I thought

As  you all may well have figured out by now for a lot of my shopping needs I head over to my faaaaaaavoritteee site…!  With Zappos I always know I am going to get amazing customer service, super simple and east return policies and what I think is the best feature is their super duper fast and free shipping.  I don’t have to wait weeks and weeks to get all of my new fall goodies, no I can have them within practically a day!  In this case I am pretty

Good Morning lovely readers!  The time has come and today is the day, I am heading back off to Europe and the first stop is London Town Darling.  The time home since I got back from Copenhagen has flown by and now I’ve been trying to figure out how to put 4 cities worth of clothing into about 2 suitcases.  Yes, help me….. Anyhow, before I left I wanted to shoot this look that I picked up whilst I was in Copenhagen.  One of my favorite stores to visit while

Okedoki blog lovers!  I hate to be apologizing for absence two posts in a row but this time I have just as valid of a reason, I’m sick :( With blogging as a job you never really do get a break, it’s not like a normal job where you have days off to relax and do whatever you want.  On your days off you’re supposed to blog and show your readers just what you do on a “day off” or on a holiday share all of your cute outfits and

Denim In Denmark

Copenhagen Denmark // Chanel Flap Bag // Los Angeles Fashion Blogger Daphne Blunt // Commes Des Garcons // Denim Zara // Miu Miu Ballet Ballerina Flats: To Style, With Love

Hello my lovely and loyal readers!  It’s Daph coming to you straight from Copenhagen and I find myself falling more and more in love with this city every single day.  Today my L.A. and all time best friend/blogger Jennessa (see her blog here) arrived in Copenhagen to join in all of the festivities and good times.  Since this is her first trip across the pond to the north she is even documenting some street style of the locals and really taking a grasp on what it is that they think

I might be one to go ga ga for things quite often but I have been going mad for Gingham prints for quite a long while.  This spring/summer I began to see my favorite print popping up all over the place and not just here on To Style, With Love.  No no, Gingham is showing up on supermodels, fashion-girls, editors, actresses and more (I love a nice gingham shirt on a guy ;).  I really think that prints have taken such a strong  turn this year and prints either one,

Just because all of the talk about going back to school or back to work without weekend summer getaways has begun does not mean we can’t take full advantage of all that is left of the summer!  Living in Southern California, Los Angeles specifically you could say that summer is pretty much year round and in that way we are pretty lucky to be able to have opportunities to wear our favorite bikinis and sandals all year round.  Even with that it does not mean that I don’t have a

A Little Slip Up

Valentino Rockstuds // Thrasher Tshirt + Slip Dress // Los Angeles Blogger // Summer Street Style: To Style, With Love

Pardon my cheesy little pun but you know I am always one for a little cliche play on words here and there.  It adds a quirky bit of charm to the idea, don’t you think?  No I have not had a little slip up but I do have a little slip dress that I am absolutely loving.  Slip dresses are a major trend right now and have been going in and out of style for pretty much ever.  They had their main hay day in the 90s when supermodels like

We’re going boho today my internet besties!  As I recently talked about in my last post Los Angeles is known for a more boho and casual style.  I however am NOT a very casual person but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t a way to do every trend in your own way.  This is my boho and to be honest I really quite like it.  Not only was it incredibly cute and chic it was also incredibly comfortable, something we fashion-girls often give up in the name of our Father

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