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So long, farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, adieu, Adieu, adieu, to you and you and you.  I’m sorry, forgive me, I can never resist a good show tune and once I get going I usually have a lot of trouble stopping.  Unfortunately it’s time to say farewell to the beautiful oasis of Palm Springs and head back to L.A. for some real life, Ew.  Vacations are the most wonderful and the most depressing thing in the world because they end eventually as with all good things we have to say goodbye.  Regardless, we had

Hey there cyber dolls!  I’m back again today with some more love from Palm Springs!  The sun is overly hot but the atmosphere, company and to die for outlet mall are worth a little summertime glimmer (my version of sweat ;)!  When you think of Palm Springs a certain mood evokes.  A mood of 50s and 60s starlets, retro atmospheres, mid century modern architecture, Frank Sinatra, vacation homes, lots of white, playing tennis, sunning by the pool, and bright pink accents.  At least this is what comes up in my

Hello lovers of the internet! Ahh, the weekend was Bliss as it was spent in the blistering sun of beautiful desert escape Palm Springs.  We decided last minute to take a long weekend and a 2 hour road trip down to Palm Springs to escape from the city even just for a moment.  It’s always nice to getaway with loved ones and friends and just sit back, sip smoothies and let all your worries and woes set free.  There is not a whole lot to do in Palm Springs, unless

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