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Well you guys we finally made it, started from the bottom and now we’re here.  I don’t know what I’m saying I am just busy being excited with all the hustle and bustle of New York Fashion Week and the adrenaline of freezing my buns of in this 9 degree, YES 9 DEGREE, weather.  I couldn’t be happier to be here or to be in this freezing weather sporting my mother’s, now vintage, custom made coat which is absolutely necessary in this freezing New York winter. I hopped off the

  Alrighty peeps, It’s time for another instalment of Tumblr Girls.  Today we’re sitting down with the ever so elusive Katya Costanzo, better known as Katyxco on Tumblr and Instagram.  I’m sure you’ve seen her outfit photos running down your Tumblr feed featuring American Apparel classics with a doll like twist… so let’s go behind the camera and get to know the soft grunge girl. 

Hey loves, today I am announcing a new series called “Tumblr Girls.”  The title and series is inspired by the G-Eazy song “Tumblr Girls” and the enviable aura around these glowing internet goddesses that keep popping up on our dashboards.  There is a certain mystique around people who are well know on the internet.  You feel like you know them, but really all you know is what they want you to know. So in this new series very first segment we’re going to get to know the eyebrow queen and

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