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Some call it The Bates Motel because of the sort of OCD paper, plastic, starc white atmosphere at The White Motel in Silver Lake.  It’s not even just the motel that has been turned completely white it’s also the palm trees, the fence and even the floor/ground and have painted over with a matte white finish.  If you’re a bit lost and confused let me clue you in on one of the newest trendy art installation, not in a gallery or museum but smack dab in the middle of Los

Happy blue Monday my lovely internet besties!  Hopefully as I always wish, this post can add a little sparkle and shimmer to your Monday blues and if you’re in the LA area give you a new little spot to visit that I am currently obsessing over!  LA is not short of trendy little places for trendy little hipsters and locals to frequent but it is pretty hard to truly catch my attention as I am a horrible creature of habit and have a bad habit of only frequenting the same

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