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We’re going boho today my internet besties!  As I recently talked about in my last post Los Angeles is known for a more boho and casual style.  I however am NOT a very casual person but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t a way to do every trend in your own way.  This is my boho and to be honest I really quite like it.  Not only was it incredibly cute and chic it was also incredibly comfortable, something we fashion-girls often give up in the name of our Father

Off duty is used as a loose term here since I don’t have a job in the typical sense but I am always non-stop working.  Shooting this look is even “technically” work but lucky for me I am in LOVE with my “job”.  Los Angeles was named as the city that made leggings a trend and I find that a very sad and very disappointing title.  LA is know for a more laid back, boho and very casual style.  Just because that is the cliche of LA does NOT mean

Good morning my absolute favorite people on the entirety of the internet!  I am happy today as I am so excited to share my new video with you all, my Disneyland Vlog!  This is my very first vlog as I am more experienced in the video diary nature but I had such a blast making this video for you all and an all around amazing time at Disneyland!  No, this is not my first trip to Disneyland in fact I have been to both Disneyland and Disneyworld many many times.

Happy 4th of July my fellow patriots and foreign friends!  It’s America’s birthday and our beautiful land is turning 240 today!  We are a pretty young country in the scheme of things but for some of us, like me, our ancestors have been here for over 10 generations and we’re going strong!  Even though I do have a thing for europeans and other foreigners today we are incredibly patriotic and truly proud to be Americans!  If you haven’t noticed by now, yes, I am on a boat!  Whether or not

The first day of summer was officially 11 days ago so it’s time to step up our game and spring in to summer.  It is no longer appropriate to wear too many sweaters, absolutely no boots, put away the dark colors and bring out the bright ones.  Say bye bye to burgundy, bordeaux and oxblood instead we welcome to new vision of crips whites, magentas and sunshine yellows.  Did I paint a pretty picture there for you all?  I want you to smell the ocean and feel the sand between

Happy Monday all!  Coming to you today from the heart of Los Angeles a little bit off of Melrose Ave as it is the official launch of the Girls World Tour!  No, okay not really, I just love to use the dramatization of things!  It’s really just a super cute oversized t shirt from Melrose hot spot Sorella Boutique.  Oversized tshirts seem to be coming right in and up to the top of trends right now.  Is it a t shirt?  Is it a dress?  That’s the best part, no

Even though I have lived in LA for a very long you just become accustomed to your own parts of Los Angeles and the other areas are almost like traveling to a new place you’ve never been before.  There’s the westside, the valley, Malibu, Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Downtown and a lot others.  I am more of a central girl I go about as far as Brentwood to the west, Hollywood to the east and Encino to the North.  Now if all of this LA geography is confusing to you than

I told you all that this was coming and here it finally is!  I hope that over the summer during my travels I can share so much more with you all here on To Style, With Love and help you all to have the best summer getaways as possible!  After all if we didn’t share our own experiences with each other how on earth would we know where to go and where to avoid when visiting a new place.  So today I am presenting the official To Style, With Love

Some call it The Bates Motel because of the sort of OCD paper, plastic, starc white atmosphere at The White Motel in Silver Lake.  It’s not even just the motel that has been turned completely white it’s also the palm trees, the fence and even the floor/ground and have painted over with a matte white finish.  If you’re a bit lost and confused let me clue you in on one of the newest trendy art installation, not in a gallery or museum but smack dab in the middle of Los

Happy blue Monday my lovely internet besties!  Hopefully as I always wish, this post can add a little sparkle and shimmer to your Monday blues and if you’re in the LA area give you a new little spot to visit that I am currently obsessing over!  LA is not short of trendy little places for trendy little hipsters and locals to frequent but it is pretty hard to truly catch my attention as I am a horrible creature of habit and have a bad habit of only frequenting the same

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