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We’re going boho today my internet besties!  As I recently talked about in my last post Los Angeles is known for a more boho and casual style.  I however am NOT a very casual person but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t a way to do every trend in your own way.  This is my boho and to be honest I really quite like it.  Not only was it incredibly cute and chic it was also incredibly comfortable, something we fashion-girls often give up in the name of our Father

Hello loves!  I am back today with some more exciting news in the fashion world!  It’s the New Classic, It’s the new PYT, it’s Frederique Constant’s new Classics Delight Collection with style icon and Oscar award winning actress Gwyneth Paltrow as the face and the brand’s new golab charity ambassador.  If you had not figured it out yet I am a compulsive shopper with a bad habit of swiping my credit card one too many or ten too many times.  I know that a lot of you can relate and

Longine is one of the brands that everyone knows, even if you’re unsure of how you have heard the name you know it in the back of your mind not unlike the names Chanel, Cartier, Rolex or Christian Dior.  The name alone, Longine, brings to the mind thoughts of timeless elegance, grace, chicness, heritage and beauty.  To own a Longine watch is one of the amazing investment pieces everyone, male or female, longs to own and once you own one you have a timeless piece for life.  It’s simple the

Here with some brand love for you all today!  I recently received some new icy, gems, jewels, whatever you wish to call them from Rue Gembon!  First of all let’s take a moment to appreciate their incredibly witty and fashion savvy name.  For those of you pondering the thought in your head it’s a play on Rue Cambon as in 31 Rue Cambon, Coco chanel’s most fabulous and famous apartment and storefront in Paris.  Rue Gembon is storming the fashion scene with their coveted ear jackets aka those earrings that