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In case you haven’t heard Nasty Gal is putting on one of the best sales (no, nothing is discounted unfortunately) I have ever seen in my entire life.  It is 100% vintage Chanel! What? I know, and it is not just your run of the mill vintage quilted backpack and chunky clip on earrings.  This sale is filled with nearly impossible to find garments, oh la la sporting gear, collectable worthy handbags and chunky gold jewelry you’ve only dreamed of.  As a “fash-girl” I am programmed to be obsessed with

Photos Via Pinterest Happy Friday lovely readers, we made it to the weekend.. finally!  Every week we need to gather inspiration for whatever stylish fad we’re going to try out over the weekend so I put together this game plan for the coming weekend.  Dancing around on a Friday in 2014 sounds boring so let’s all pretend this weekend that its November 1974 and turn up the radio to dance around to The Bee Gees or Carly Simon instead.  The 60s/70s trend has been creeping up on us and I couldn’t help but purchase

Happy Hallows Eve..

Happy Halloween everyone or as we “hipsters” call it Hallows Eve, the Day of The Dead is among us!  I’ve never been a big fan of the frightening but I am a fan of candy and playing dress up.  Something about Halloween brings out the child in all of us (well some of us are still children, whatever) but everyone can always use a little smile or a pep put in their step to help get in the spirit.  So to add that sparkle to your eye tonight here are my five favorite

Sweater Weather..

  It’s time to fall into a pile of rustic looking leaves (I’m just loving my corny puns lately), go to the pumpkin patch and sip warm apple cider while cuddling up near a fire.  I may live in Los Angeles but it still gets chilly and requires the proper gear.   I always like to start my shopping for the next season in the previous season because well.. that’s just how fast fashion works.  Before I know it winter will be among us and I’ll be shopping for sun-dresses to wear

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