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As many of you have hopefully seen by now, while I was in New York for NYFW I hopped across the bridge to Brooklyn to meet up and shoot with one of my favorite designers, Samantha Pleet.  After purchasing one of her gorgeous getups online Samantha and I became Instagram buddies and a few months later here we are shooting (in 30 degree weather without coats) for her Fall 2016 collection to be featured as a piece on her blog/website!  While I was freezing my buns off the shoot with

Oh my dear readers, you didn’t think I was going to deprive you of all of my up close and personal shots from my New York Fashion Week experience did you?  Of course, I am here and to the rescue and back to share my experiences of NYFW with you right here at our daily meeting place!  New York is a thriving city, it gives you energy, it gives me the energy I don’t even usually have!  New York gives me the energy to keep going and the drive to

Well my lovely readers, all the hubbub is over and I’m back in LA cuddled up in my bed blogging away whilst palm trees bask in the sun right outside my window.  No more drawing the curtains on the upper east side of New York city and watching the snow and the rain then braving it to make it to all of the New York Fashion week madness.  Yes, unfortunately we must come back down to Earth eventually but at least I get to relive it all by sharing with

As you may have already figured out, one of my lifetime goals is to curate one of the world’s most amazing and Carrie Bradshaw meets Blair Waldorf esque closets.  So building up my accessories and exploring new parts of my closet that I haven’t focused on before can be very fun!  Sunglasses just like handbags can be interchanged just like that of a purse or pair of earrings depending on your outfit.  This was something I had never really thought of before but now I find it some much fun

I am so sorry that I haven’t been able to post as much as I would have liked the past few days but I was having some technical difficulties.  However, don’t you worry your pretty little face because everything is peachy keen and dandy now!  Since I am a curator (aka borderline hoarder) of all things style I jump at any opportunity to build up my collection and jewelry always seems to be something that I neglect.  I’m always one to get distracted by the new Prada pumps and miu

I always love talking about beauty because it had been a long time passion of mine.  For as long as I can remember I have loved to take my time whilst doing my makeup and take long bubble baths with mud masks and scrubs galore.  A little while ago I saw a beauty vlogger talking about this mask called GLAMGLOW, she said that it worked wonders on her skin in just one or two treatments so obviously I sought out to try out GLAMGLOW’s mud masks back then and was

2015 In Review

Adam Selman Spoiled: To Style, With Love

Well my lovely readers we are officially more than half way through the first week of the brand new year!  2015 is over and it is time to warm up to the new year.  In honor of 2015 I wanted to put together a little compilation of some of my favorite looks from the year… Enjoy Hello 2016! xx Daphne

Well people the holiday season is upon us,  on Friday it is two weeks until Christmas and it’s already the second day of Hanukkah today!  Since Christmas is just around the corner I figured that I had better get to work and put together my annual Christmas wishlist.  My wishlist gets a little smaller and a bit more particular every year as when I was just a little girl it probably consisted of about 200 or so things and 100 of them being from the American Girl doll store.  One

The Broad Museum

The Broad Museum: To Style, With Love

I always love little outings around town with my friends.  In this case on our trip to The Broad museum it wasn’t necessarily a little outing.  It was not so little as The Broad is a brand new museum in LA and me and my friends had made a reservation to attend The Broad over 2 MONTHS AGO!  Now you’re thinking that we’re crazy or that you are shocked that we didn’t forget about our reservation since the opening of The Broad.  The answer to all of that is that

//1. Poms Away Baseball Cap//2. Fur Better or Worse Earrings//3. Vintage Christian Dior Ski Helmet and Goggles//4. Vintage Chanel Red Caviar Leather Camera Bag //5. Skinnydip London No Filter Metallic Clutch//6. Quay Invader Shades//7. Skinnydip London Heavey Glitter Iphone Case //8. Unif Chrome Press-On Nails//9. Chiara Ferragni Winky Face Glitter Pointed Flat//10. Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Instant Camera//11. French Girl Organics Vegan Rose Facial Polish//12. Vintage Chanel Holographic Earrings// Ahh, happy black friday everyone!  Im sure you are dashing out the door to the mall or feeling overwhelmed by emails of

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