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So as I’ve noted in the past few posts, I haven’t been in the best of health recently and therefor not been able to keep up with my blog as much as I would like to.  I am finally feeling a lot better aka fully recovered which means that it was time to FINALLY celebrate my birthday!  Just in case you didn’t know I ended up spending my 19th birthday in the hospital.  My friends came to visit with flowers, cupcakes and balloons and my mom brought all my birthday presents

I am a huge advocate of skin care especially starting from a young age.  Since I was a little girl my mom had me do a little skin care routine with her while she would get ready for bed so that I would grow up with the good habit of taking great care of my skin!  I am so incredibly thankful for his because now there is not one night I go to bed in my makeup, I understand the importance of quickly washing my face no matter how tired

Good morning my absolute favorite people on the entirety of the internet!  I am happy today as I am so excited to share my new video with you all, my Disneyland Vlog!  This is my very first vlog as I am more experienced in the video diary nature but I had such a blast making this video for you all and an all around amazing time at Disneyland!  No, this is not my first trip to Disneyland in fact I have been to both Disneyland and Disneyworld many many times.

Longine is one of the brands that everyone knows, even if you’re unsure of how you have heard the name you know it in the back of your mind not unlike the names Chanel, Cartier, Rolex or Christian Dior.  The name alone, Longine, brings to the mind thoughts of timeless elegance, grace, chicness, heritage and beauty.  To own a Longine watch is one of the amazing investment pieces everyone, male or female, longs to own and once you own one you have a timeless piece for life.  It’s simple the

I told you all that this was coming and here it finally is!  I hope that over the summer during my travels I can share so much more with you all here on To Style, With Love and help you all to have the best summer getaways as possible!  After all if we didn’t share our own experiences with each other how on earth would we know where to go and where to avoid when visiting a new place.  So today I am presenting the official To Style, With Love

Some call it The Bates Motel because of the sort of OCD paper, plastic, starc white atmosphere at The White Motel in Silver Lake.  It’s not even just the motel that has been turned completely white it’s also the palm trees, the fence and even the floor/ground and have painted over with a matte white finish.  If you’re a bit lost and confused let me clue you in on one of the newest trendy art installation, not in a gallery or museum but smack dab in the middle of Los

Hey there cyber dolls!  I’m back again today with some more love from Palm Springs!  The sun is overly hot but the atmosphere, company and to die for outlet mall are worth a little summertime glimmer (my version of sweat ;)!  When you think of Palm Springs a certain mood evokes.  A mood of 50s and 60s starlets, retro atmospheres, mid century modern architecture, Frank Sinatra, vacation homes, lots of white, playing tennis, sunning by the pool, and bright pink accents.  At least this is what comes up in my

Hello loves!  I hope that you are having a wonderful day and I think that you are really going to like this post!  I am starting a new series here on To Style, With Love called Insta Diaries after the amazing response I got from an older post entitled, How To Make Your Instagram Visually Appealing.  In this space and new series we will open up a dialog and start talking all about everything that makes and breaks you in the social media world. I hope you all enjoy!  As we

Happy blue Monday my lovely internet besties!  Hopefully as I always wish, this post can add a little sparkle and shimmer to your Monday blues and if you’re in the LA area give you a new little spot to visit that I am currently obsessing over!  LA is not short of trendy little places for trendy little hipsters and locals to frequent but it is pretty hard to truly catch my attention as I am a horrible creature of habit and have a bad habit of only frequenting the same

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