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As many of you have hopefully seen by now, while I was in New York for NYFW I hopped across the bridge to Brooklyn to meet up and shoot with one of my favorite designers, Samantha Pleet.  After purchasing one of her gorgeous getups online Samantha and I became Instagram buddies and a few months later here we are shooting (in 30 degree weather without coats) for her Fall 2016 collection to be featured as a piece on her blog/website!  While I was freezing my buns off the shoot with

Oh my dear readers, you didn’t think I was going to deprive you of all of my up close and personal shots from my New York Fashion Week experience did you?  Of course, I am here and to the rescue and back to share my experiences of NYFW with you right here at our daily meeting place!  New York is a thriving city, it gives you energy, it gives me the energy I don’t even usually have!  New York gives me the energy to keep going and the drive to

Well my lovely readers, all the hubbub is over and I’m back in LA cuddled up in my bed blogging away whilst palm trees bask in the sun right outside my window.  No more drawing the curtains on the upper east side of New York city and watching the snow and the rain then braving it to make it to all of the New York Fashion week madness.  Yes, unfortunately we must come back down to Earth eventually but at least I get to relive it all by sharing with

Good morning my lovely readers!  I’m having quite the ball running around New York from show to show and breaks in between to do some window shopping (or real shopping ;).  And lucky or not so lucky depending on your viewpoint for me I got to see some snow whilst I am here because snow is definitely not known to inhabit southern California so we were pretty excited!  It started off in the morning just being pretty cold and I braved the 20 degree New York City weather to wear

Well you guys we finally made it, started from the bottom and now we’re here.  I don’t know what I’m saying I am just busy being excited with all the hustle and bustle of New York Fashion Week and the adrenaline of freezing my buns of in this 9 degree, YES 9 DEGREE, weather.  I couldn’t be happier to be here or to be in this freezing weather sporting my mother’s, now vintage, custom made coat which is absolutely necessary in this freezing New York winter. I hopped off the

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