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Hunter Wellies

Summer is over my internet best friends and it’s time to fully transition into fall as the heat fades aways, the leaves change colors and weather patterns change.  To make my transition in to fall incredibly easy I simply took a little trip over to one of my favorite online retailers of course, for endless options to add to my fall wardrobe.  My pick of the moment from Zappos?  Hunter rain boots!  Hunter rain boots, or wellies if you will, are a staple year after year that never fail

Cami NYC

Ah it’s Monday, time to pull ourselves up and go strong for another week.  However, this is no ordinary week for me.  This is the week of my 18th Birthday!  I am taking my very first steps into adulthood and while I am quite terrified I couldn’t be more excited!  With that I wanted to showcase my very sexy and sophisticated look featuring Cami NYC.  I also feel that this look is a bit of a leap into fall (even though it is still 90 degrees going strong here in

Coach: Swagger

Coach Swagger: To Style, With Love

Ah, October it is the prime of the Fall season.  Halloween is right around the corner, girls everywhere are fighting to get as many pumpkin spice lattes as they can and the leaves are changing colors (somewhere, not in Los Angeles).  It is pretty much every girls favorite time of year, getting to break out our fall boots and sweaters and go shopping for new boots and sweaters.  Instead of turning to neutrals this fall just like every other person on the street I have decided to go bold and

Olive + Piper

Olive + Piper: To Style, With Love

Jewelry…having the perfectly curated collection can make or break a wardrobe and truly elevate your style if done properly.  Finding the right pieces that suit your style can be quite the struggle and perfecting your collection will take about a lifetime as you collect pieces over time.   I am personally one for more delicate jewelry meaning pendants, small rings, stud earrings etc.  I like simple yet stated and not too overdone.  Olive + Piper has a little bit of somethin somethin for everyone I noticed as I browsed their

As a girl or really a human being I have a thing for all things freakin cute!  Various little objects shaped like cupcakes, beaded bracelets with my name on them, pink polaroid cameras or puppies in pink dresses.  I swoon when I see these things, I squeal when I see these could I resist?  So when I saw these adorable soaps from Hello Sunshine in the shapes and scents of all of my favorite desserts I couldn’t resist.  Hello Sunshine soaps speaks to my heart and make perfect gifts

Pixie Market

Pixie Market: To Style, With Love

Ahh, we made it, rejoice in the bask of the Friday light!  It’s the weekend and often on the weekend we go from casual wares during the day to feisty night out looks in just a matter of minutes (okay maybe an hour…or two).  Often when I am shopping I like to look for the versatility in different garments.  I want to imagine the different ways in which I could wear one piece and therefor make the most of my wardrobe and of my favorite pieces.  This Pixie Market “two

A lot of people skip using primer and I usually find it is because they don’t really know what primer is for.  As a self proclaimed beauty guru lol I am here to save the day and let you in on what primer is, your welcome.  Makeup primer is something that you put on all over your face before you put on your makeup to 1) protect your skin and 2) help your makeup last all day long!  To be honest though if we’re really going to delve in to

Elizabeth & James Brown Fairfax We finally made it to the weekend everyone, take a moment to exhale and give thanks for the fact that it is Friday!  Today I wanted to share one of my favorite new programs that is helping me expand my closet in a way I never have before.  There are loads and loads of programs where you can “rent” bags, clothes and even jewelry but I have yet to hear of any programs that lend out designer sunglasses..until now!  Endless Eyewear is a new program

Every once in a while you come across that rare brand that has what you’ve been searching for for what seems like a lifetime.  It’s like they’re reading your mind and embody your spirit.  It is the fashion holy grail that you come upon once in a blue moon.  I have always loved and been incredibly inspired by vintage starlets such as Bridget Bardot, Sophia Loren and Marilyn Monroe.  Often what was thought of as sexy in past decades is now looked upon as well…not.  I disagree and it makes

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