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I am a huge advocate of skin care especially starting from a young age.  Since I was a little girl my mom had me do a little skin care routine with her while she would get ready for bed so that I would grow up with the good habit of taking great care of my skin!  I am so incredibly thankful for his because now there is not one night I go to bed in my makeup, I understand the importance of quickly washing my face no matter how tired

Hello loves!  I am back today with some more exciting news in the fashion world!  It’s the New Classic, It’s the new PYT, it’s Frederique Constant’s new Classics Delight Collection with style icon and Oscar award winning actress Gwyneth Paltrow as the face and the brand’s new golab charity ambassador.  If you had not figured it out yet I am a compulsive shopper with a bad habit of swiping my credit card one too many or ten too many times.  I know that a lot of you can relate and

The answer to the question that you are all wondering by now is No, I do not skate bro.  Just because I don’t skate doesn’t mean that I can’t enjoy the fashion of it all.  Fashion draws it’s own inspirations from every single tiny thing in the whole big world around us.  Whether it’s from equestrians, tennis players, sailors or even the military there is inspiration all around us.  And creeping into the trend forecast is the skate trend.  I want you to think early 2000s grunge and hear Avril

Happy Monday all!  Coming to you today from the heart of Los Angeles a little bit off of Melrose Ave as it is the official launch of the Girls World Tour!  No, okay not really, I just love to use the dramatization of things!  It’s really just a super cute oversized t shirt from Melrose hot spot Sorella Boutique.  Oversized tshirts seem to be coming right in and up to the top of trends right now.  Is it a t shirt?  Is it a dress?  That’s the best part, no

Finally and thank the good lord that we made it to Friday once again.  I feel as though I mention this in every friday’s post but let’s face it most of us are weekend people and not fans of getting up early in the morning.  I’m feeling pretty mod lately and I wanted to share a little new Los Angeles brand that I found with you all called Staud Clothing.  The LA based brand is making it’s way to LA based bloggers all over the place and I couldn’t be

When you live in a city like Los Angeles there is always a great photo op right around the corner, you just have to go hunting and find one.  In this case it was a back alley behind Rodeo Drive, so ya know for an alley it was pretty cute.  Any how, I get distracted so easily.  As Migos and Drake explained in their song, Versace, they really really really like Versace.  Honestly I don’t blame them and I am sure that most of you don’t either, I mean who

Longine is one of the brands that everyone knows, even if you’re unsure of how you have heard the name you know it in the back of your mind not unlike the names Chanel, Cartier, Rolex or Christian Dior.  The name alone, Longine, brings to the mind thoughts of timeless elegance, grace, chicness, heritage and beauty.  To own a Longine watch is one of the amazing investment pieces everyone, male or female, longs to own and once you own one you have a timeless piece for life.  It’s simple the

Think Pink!  “Think pink! think pink! when you shop for summer clothes.  Think pink! think pink! if you want that quelque chose.  Red is dead, blue is through, Green’s obscene, brown’s taboo.  And there is not the slightest excuse for plum or puce —or chartreuse.”  Yes I am referring to my personal favorite scene from the Audrey Hepburn and Fred Astaire classic, Funny Face, where it’s all about PINK!  If you want some dreamy dresses and oh so so so aesthetically pleasing scenery you must watch this musical number.  The mix of

Some call it The Bates Motel because of the sort of OCD paper, plastic, starc white atmosphere at The White Motel in Silver Lake.  It’s not even just the motel that has been turned completely white it’s also the palm trees, the fence and even the floor/ground and have painted over with a matte white finish.  If you’re a bit lost and confused let me clue you in on one of the newest trendy art installation, not in a gallery or museum but smack dab in the middle of Los

Hello loves, back today with some major brand love for Jurlique to share with you all!  I am really obsessed with skin care.  My mother taught me from a very early age that it is incredibly important to take care of your skin, rain or shine, day or night you ALWAYS take care of your skin.  So when I find some new products that I think are a knockout in the beauty and skincare world I make sure and share it with you all too!  Jurlique’s rosewater mist collection is

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