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As many of us out there are, I am wildly obsessed with beauty products and always starving to find out what’s new, fresh and going to help make me look better than ever!  There is always a hunt for that new special something to add to my makeup drawer weather its a new highlighter, perfect no smudge new lip stain or the sharpest black eyeliner ever, I am always one to try out a new product or two.  Our friends over at Sephora, aka the candy shop of all things

I might be one to go ga ga for things quite often but I have been going mad for Gingham prints for quite a long while.  This spring/summer I began to see my favorite print popping up all over the place and not just here on To Style, With Love.  No no, Gingham is showing up on supermodels, fashion-girls, editors, actresses and more (I love a nice gingham shirt on a guy ;).  I really think that prints have taken such a strong  turn this year and prints either one,

Just because all of the talk about going back to school or back to work without weekend summer getaways has begun does not mean we can’t take full advantage of all that is left of the summer!  Living in Southern California, Los Angeles specifically you could say that summer is pretty much year round and in that way we are pretty lucky to be able to have opportunities to wear our favorite bikinis and sandals all year round.  Even with that it does not mean that I don’t have a

La vie en rose.  Directly translated it just means life in pink, or rose if you will.  As Audrey Hepburn said, “La vie en rose.  It is the french way of saying, “I am looking at the world through rose coloured glasses.”  Rose coloured glasses….these really are such beautiful statements when you really think about their true meanings.  No, they don’t just mean thinking of your life as perfect looking at the world through a rose tinted filter.  La vie en rose is telling us to look at the rosey

We’re going boho today my internet besties!  As I recently talked about in my last post Los Angeles is known for a more boho and casual style.  I however am NOT a very casual person but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t a way to do every trend in your own way.  This is my boho and to be honest I really quite like it.  Not only was it incredibly cute and chic it was also incredibly comfortable, something we fashion-girls often give up in the name of our Father

I am a huge advocate of skin care especially starting from a young age.  Since I was a little girl my mom had me do a little skin care routine with her while she would get ready for bed so that I would grow up with the good habit of taking great care of my skin!  I am so incredibly thankful for his because now there is not one night I go to bed in my makeup, I understand the importance of quickly washing my face no matter how tired

Hello loves!  I am back today with some more exciting news in the fashion world!  It’s the New Classic, It’s the new PYT, it’s Frederique Constant’s new Classics Delight Collection with style icon and Oscar award winning actress Gwyneth Paltrow as the face and the brand’s new golab charity ambassador.  If you had not figured it out yet I am a compulsive shopper with a bad habit of swiping my credit card one too many or ten too many times.  I know that a lot of you can relate and

The answer to the question that you are all wondering by now is No, I do not skate bro.  Just because I don’t skate doesn’t mean that I can’t enjoy the fashion of it all.  Fashion draws it’s own inspirations from every single tiny thing in the whole big world around us.  Whether it’s from equestrians, tennis players, sailors or even the military there is inspiration all around us.  And creeping into the trend forecast is the skate trend.  I want you to think early 2000s grunge and hear Avril

Happy Monday all!  Coming to you today from the heart of Los Angeles a little bit off of Melrose Ave as it is the official launch of the Girls World Tour!  No, okay not really, I just love to use the dramatization of things!  It’s really just a super cute oversized t shirt from Melrose hot spot Sorella Boutique.  Oversized tshirts seem to be coming right in and up to the top of trends right now.  Is it a t shirt?  Is it a dress?  That’s the best part, no

Finally and thank the good lord that we made it to Friday once again.  I feel as though I mention this in every friday’s post but let’s face it most of us are weekend people and not fans of getting up early in the morning.  I’m feeling pretty mod lately and I wanted to share a little new Los Angeles brand that I found with you all called Staud Clothing.  The LA based brand is making it’s way to LA based bloggers all over the place and I couldn’t be

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