As a true girly girl I have that age old obsession with all things beauty and makeup.  Jane Cosmetics sent me a special little surprise that they are testing the waters with called “Look In A Box.”  The name itself is pretty self explanatory, it’s a cute little box with all the things you need inside to create a specific look.  Often when it comes to high fashion, some like to think outside of the box. But, at Jane Cosmetics, they decided it’s what’s inside that counts.  So they introduced Fast

Fresh As A Daisy

Being a blogger certainly has it’s very very lucky benefits, let’s just say “I’m waaay up I feel blessed.”  I’m sorry I couldn’t help myself you all know that I am always one for a cheesy pun or corny lyric here and there.  This week I got lots of new beauty products to share with you guys and I happen to of already been a fan of Fresh Cosmetics!  So when I received a little goodie box to share with all of my internet best friends I was simply over

In honor of Jurlique’s 30th Anniversary they have released the limited edition Precious Rose hand cream. The hand cream is designed to deliver the perfect balance of hydration and a refreshing aromatic experience. The gorgeous cream is enriched with pure rosa gallica flower water extract through an expert dehumidifying process to capture pure, organic rose water that is tenderly crafted into the formula and it contains Jurlique farm botanicals and a proprietary plant blend selected for their soothing and calming benefits—resulting in silky, smooth, moisturized hands.  I will be sharing my

Hello loves, today I am partnering with Clinique to bring you a very special post and to ponder on a very interesting prompt. That prompt being “If you could give advice to your future self, what would it be? I don’t mean something to do with “one day you will be the editor and chief of Vogue and have a lovely Hampton’s house, no I mean what advice would you give your future self on how to continue/maintain your beauty regimen to take care of your skin to reap the

You may or may not remember Ken Paves from when he had a fun little line of clip-in extensions with Jessica Simpson, or at least that is when I was introduced to the stylist.  Oh and did I mention that he has done hair for the likes of Victoria Beckham and Eva Longoria, needless to say the man just knows what he is doing.  So the brilliant Ken Paves has come out with a new line of to die for hair products called “You Are Beautiful.”  The products are sulfate

It’s no secret that a woman’s beauty regimen can become quite the little obsession.  Makeup has become an art and skincare seems to be some sort of secret formula that only French women know the secret to.  What works for some may not work for others but I am all about scouring the internet for whatever  that secret magical product that makes you look like a perfect ray of sunshine is.  So today I thought I would release me secret little handbook of products I simply can NOT live without.

Good Morning (or Good whatever time of day it is for you) my loves!  I am so very sorry to have been a bit more absent than I like to be with keeping up with the love of my life aka my blog and you all.  I have had some very very exciting opportunities recently in terms of my other passion, acting, and I have been crazzzzy maddening busy the last few weeks.  So I am sorry for not being as present as I wish I could be.  Good things

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