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Hello my lovelies!  We are more than half way through the week and I have been a very very busy girl so I will be doing my best to try and update you all a little more each day on my travel diaries.  Today's look is coming to you straight from Milan and my best attempt at trying to personify my best La Dolce Vita.  On another "Italian Lifestyle" day, aka trying to be as chill as our uptight bums could be, we took a stroll in the park adjacent
Ciao Bella!  Pardon my cliches as that about the only Italian I know, that and Buonasera and Gratze.  On one of our more casual days just sort of wandering around Milan and trying to embrace the relaxed nature of the Italian spirit by not strictly planning out our day.  My love and I found ourselves ending up at the Milan Duomo!  We had no clue that the Duomo was pretty much a straight shot down from the area we were staying in even though we had taken a car there

Ciao Milano

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Hello my lovely and ever so loyal, beautiful, stunning readers!  Did I mention that I am ever so fond of you all?  Well, let the travel diaries continue in an entirely new country this week as I am in Milan or Milano if you will.  Yes, that's right I am now sharing my journey in Italy with you.  My love and I headed to Milan as it was one of the few destinations that neither of us had ever visited before, not to mention that it is also one of
Bonjour, Ooh La La and other cute little french sayings!  On this beautiful day in Paris I finally took my moment in the Jardin du Trocadero.  I am sure you have seen many a blogger, insta-model or tourist alike taking photos on the stairs and in the gardens of Trocadero so it was about time that I took my moment.  Believe it or not in all my times in Paris I had only walked by the Jardin as I for some reason never really approached the Eiffel Tower from that
Hello my lovelies!  Today we are talking about beauty essentials of course, duh as you may have noticed this is another installment of my series On My Vanity.  Today we are talking about something sort of rare for me and that is... HAIR CARE!  I know I have talked about it previously but for those of you that don't know I am what they might call hair-illiterate, meaning it's not my best skill..doing hair that is.  As a grown up gal I obviously would love to be a blow out
What better a way to start off the week than with more installments of my Paris Diaries!  Walking the isles of the river Seine with my love and snacking on some delicious and creamy ice cream is actually what I would consider the most perfect of all perfect Spring days.  Did I mention it is rumoured to be the best ice cream IN THE WORLD from Berthillon!  A definite must try at some point when visiting Paris.  I will content that it was pretty damn good too.  While I might
Hello my darling and very dear readers!  I am here with a beauty post for you today, as you may have noticed I have been getting more and more into beauty blogging and as it has always been a minor obsession of mine I don't mind delving in and sharing with you all.  As I have and I am sure that you have you have seen many youtube videos of people sharing their monthly favorites and getting this kind of raw and genuine review and learning what people really liked
Bonjour mes amours!  I am here today, obviously, with another part of my new Paris travel diary.  If you can't fall in love in and with Paris than I really don't think that I want to know you very much.  From the stunning planning of the city where you can be on a road and see the arc de triumph one way and a gorgeous garden and planned vision in the other to the brilliant and romantic architecture that aligns LITERALLY every building (a little valley girl for ya, but
It all starts with an idea or a dream if you will.  For most of us we aren't even entirely sure what the exact idea is but we know that we have a thirst for it.  Fashion has been my (pardon me) passion for as long as I can remember and once I discovered the blogosphere I was done, I knew I had to be a part of it.  I wanted so badly to start my own blog and share my styling tips, different looks and perspective on what was
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